What Sets Us Apart

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An Organized Team

We can't guess the future, but we can certainly prepare for it! At Recrutement RME, we support recruiters and job seekers in each stages of our process.
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Reals Scenarios

During the interviews, we use real working scenarios with the candidates. We can guarantee that you will only have the elite of candidates.
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A Job Board on Our Site

Thanks to our job board, you will be able to post new opportunities within your company. We will put you in touch with potential candidates.
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Post-Employment Assessment

During their trial period, candidates expect to be evaluated on their performance and the quality of their services. We also assess the work environment proposed by the employer.
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A Thoughtful Service

We do not hesitate to share with recruiters and employers the lessons learned from our previous experiences. We are here to help you!
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Professional advices

Your staff retention will not necessarily be ensured by a salary increase. Let us know your needs, we can establish an action plan that will satisfy both recruiters and candidates.

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